Broken Key Extraction



Extracting broken keys from car door locks is a very common event in my business. Locksmiths have special key extraction tools designed to remove the broken key in a matter of seconds in many cases, while in other cases it can take up to an hour.


Attempting to get the key out you can do more harm than good. All I can recommend as far as doing it yourself is not to do something silly like trying to pry the lock open with a screwdriver thinking that you are going to do any good. Those cars are made of plastic and fiberglass and have to literally be taken apart at the shell in order to replace the locks. I’ve seen it too many times where people thought they were going to save money by becoming a do-it-yourself locksmith and it ended up costing them hundreds in dollars to repair the damage they did to their cars.



Drive your car over to your local locksmith shop and have it done quickly, inexpensively and properly the first time. You have a cool car and you obviously care about it or you wouldn’t have stopped to ask questions first. In that back lock, a professional should have the broken key out in seconds. Have some spares made while you’re there.

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