Door Locks

Security is a big deal to people. One of the most widely used and trusted forms of security is the door lock. Door locks come in 3 common types. The most typical door locks are the kind that are located inside of the door knob and may or may not use a key. A dead bolt lock is more secure than a door knob type of lock. The third type of lock has a variety of styles. These are locks that attach to the exterior of the door and have a device to hitches into a companion piece on the wall near the door.

These typically are designed more to keep someone from accidentally walking in at a bad time. They are not too terribly secure and generally latch into a door jamb that a good kick can pop open. This type of door lock has a push button or twist type of lock on the inside and can be opened with a small rod or a piece of flat metal acting as a key from the outside.

Door locks are said to be the main security systems in every household, automobiles and commercial premise. These are mechanical devises that is used to lock or unlock with the help of a key.

Since the technology today has become very advanced and therefore the door locks today has also become advanced. A new kind of lock has been introduced in the market that has totally eliminated the use of keys. People can either lock or unlock the doors by simply entering a password of certain digit.

On doing this the door gets locked or unlocked. The main advantage of this locking system is that there are few mechanical parts and this makes them very reliable. Today of the modern locksmiths are well aware of this kinds of locks and they also know how to repair such kind of locks.

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