Large security companies are leading the way in home safety with their electronic software and programs that directly link a modem to public assistance. Unlike a lock and key system, electronic or electric locks require a little more detail in case of malfunction. Along with these measures comes the need for the locksmith to have readily available specialized equipment in case of a malfunction. Although the biggest difference between electronic and normal locks is the automatic and manual function of the locks, the role of a locksmith is still the same.

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An electric latch or electronically operated latch strikes offers remote controlled access for doors for its users. They are also known to work on very low voltage.

To install such a high tech security device it is always advised to call a professional locksmith for this job. Sometimes an electrician is also hired to do this job. These locks can be installed in wooden jambs and the strikes can be fitted on to a hollow jamb channel that measures about five eighth inches.

The locks have become quite popular among the home as well as business owners. These locks come in variety of sizes so as to meet the various requirements of the clients. 24 hour emergency services are also available to the people, which further enhance the security.


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