Locksmith Alhambra CA – (626) 478-3501 – Have Expert Locksmiths Work On Even The Most Complicated Locks!

Our experts at Locksmith Alhambra CA can work on a wide range of locks, be it simple spring locks or complicated locks requiring transponder keys. If you are in Alhambra, CA and need assistance, just give us a call at (626) 478-3501 and we can have a professional locksmith arriving at your doorstep in 20 minutes or less.

We provide excellent customer service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our company understands the importance of providing the best Locksmith Alhambra CA customer service. This is why we can dispatch a professional locksmith on site promptly – even at 3AM on a Sunday morning. We can fix your car’s auto lock, create a new ignition key, even replace the ignition lock altogether on site, without waiting for stores to open several hours later.

Our locksmiths have a wide range of the best and most technologically advanced unlocking tools at their disposal. They have a gadget suited for every kind of situation, which needs unlocking. Our locksmiths are creative, quick thinkers and know how to improvise. They know that time is of the essence for our customers and they know how to fix the job in no time.
Locksmith Alhambra CA

Our Special Lockout Services Are:·       Key replacement·       Transponder keys·       Auto lock installation

·       Car door re-key

·       Retrieval of locked keys in car

·       Ignition replacement on-site

·       Key programming

·       Key extractions

·       Key cuts

·       Key made for ignition

Our Exceptional Locksmith Alhambra CA Offers:·       24/7 customer support·       Huge inventory comprising high-tech tools and parts·       90-days guarantee on all jobs

·       Prompt and fastest response

·       Best locksmith assistance within 20 minutes


Locksmith Alhambra CA

All jobs have a 90-day guarantee at no extra cost.

In the unlikely event that one of our locks needs to be fixed again, you can just call our 24-hour customer support hotline and we can send a locksmith to re-work on the lock – at no extra cost. We want nothing more than happy and satisfied a customer that is why we only hire the best people to get the job done.

So if you happen to be in the vicinity of Alhambra, just ring us up at (626) 478-3501 and you can enjoy the services of a Locksmith Alhambra CA. Our locksmiths are well trained and have extensive experience working with all kinds of locks. They also have our clients’ best interest in mind and can no doubt extend the best customer service.